Vagelis Kirithras / Technical Manager: +306936933884


After many years of experience in underwater works and many successful operations with our skilled professionals divers and with the help of specialized tools, we always offer our customers fast and reliable service with the best possible result. We have three professional vessels. Two fast-moving boats that speed up more than 30 knots and we can arrive quickly anywhere around the our base and to intervene efficiently in every case of emergency, until the steel 15-meter main support diving vessel fully equipped with specialized tools for any underwater work, to come to emergency point and take up work.

The steel 15-meter main support diving vessel l is equipped with specialized tools for any underwater work and of all types and maintenance a vessel needs, underwater hull cleaning, propeller polishing, Cutting & welding, water suction pump, generators, hydraulic drills, CCTV system for in-water inspection with and underwater communication in, accordance with class requirements and other highly specialized tools.


24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a year

Our base is at Chios Island Greece. We are ready to intervene 24 hours a day for any kind of underwater services. Over 15 years of experience in underwater services including repair fault, repair propeller, to shipwrecks elevation.

Our divers are highly experienced and excellent trained, in conjunction with high-tech equipment can guarantee quick and correct completion of each underwater service.

In all our work we maintain high levels of safety at human life, that ‘s why we created a special patrol group, in accordance with the standards of the known organization to ensure the physical integrity of both our staff and our partners in each case.

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